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Nearer My Dog To Thee
295 pages including color and black-and-white photographs.
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The Sierra San Pedro Mártir is Baja California's "sky island," where an ancient forest seems to touch the stars. At last, in Graham Mackintosh, this unique, breathtaking, and alas, endangered place has its bard.
Nearer My Dog To Thee is a both charming and important page-turner of a book. When I put it down, I felt as if I had spent four glorious months in the Sierra San Pedro Mártir myself. And what an adventure it was! Shooting stars, packs of coyotes, a soaring eagle, thunderclaps and crashing trees... I learned about mushrooms and condors, stars and comets and the planet Mars, and best of all, I "met" Pedro, a rescued mutt from Rosarito, and Penny, the cute-as-a-button little coyote-chasing terrier.
This book will delight anyone who loves Baja California, its high sierra, and most of all, dogs. Graham Mackintosh shows us that, indeed, God is dog spelled backwards.
C.M. Mayo, Author of Miraculous Air: Journey of a Thousand Miles through Baja California, the Other Mexico.

Graham Mackintosh has done it again! With his characteristic humor and sense of wonder still undimmed, this beloved author brings his fans another armchair adventure in Baja California. This time, Mackintosh has substituted depth for breadth, exploring multiple aspects of just one area, the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir. His enthusiastic curiosity ranges from world history to natural history, and he writes with verve about everything from surviving thunderstorms to the experience of hearing about 9/11/01 on a small radio in a remote mountain tent. But Mackintosh is at his best writing about relationships, particularly his evolving relationship with his canine companions. His honesty, his maturing spirituality, and his easy way with words all combine to make Nearer My Dog To Thee a wonderful addition to the literature of Baja California.
Judy Goldstein Botello, Author of The Other Side

From his base camp tucked amongst aspens and pines, Graham Mackintosh focuses his inquiring mind upon this unique woodland and ends up delivering his readers a profound sense of the sacred… Mackintosh’s engaging text reminds us that life’s truest rewards often reside close at hand, in old growth pines, shared campfires, and cast off dogs.
Bill Evarts, Author of Torrey Pines: Landscape and Legacy

Mackintosh goes to the mountain! Baja’s peripatetic author at his best.
Gene Kira, Author of The Baja Catch and King of the Moon.

The book is much like Mackintosh himself—engaging, candid, and impulsive…chapter by chapter, and sometimes line by line, it swings from the poetic to the practical. I loved both his dogs, but even more so his beautifully drawn San Pedro Mártir.
Jennifer Redmond, Sea of Cortez Review

Funny and full of fascinating information, Graham Mackintosh has beautifully brought to life another area of Baja California.
Ann O’Neil, Author of Loreto, Baja California: First Mission and
Capital of Spanish California.




  Pedro free in the Sierra San Pedro Martir. Baja's highest peakPicacho Diablobehind



In the English-speaking world little is known about Saint Peter Martyr, perhaps because he had the dubious distinction of being the patron saint of the Inquisition.

Nearer My Dog to Thee


Pedro on his chair
 Penny ever watchful at night
Canyon Diablo—looking north
Kino reported to Rome:
"In a short time, with the favor of heaven, we shall send cattle by land, and shall have ranches in California itself near the land passage... The father visitor... and I, and others, are of the opinion that California near the new land passage recently discovered might be called California Alta, just as the preceding region... as far as thirty degrees of north latitude, might be called California Baja."
Nearer My Dog to Thee

Dr. Richard Minnich of the University of California, Riverside, has, for more than thirty years, been comparing data on fires in Southern California with data from the San Pedro Mártir. In Baja, Minnich noted, fires occur more often but they do far less damage. "We found that fires burned under the trees without burning the trees... The big trees survive and the little ones get burned out, creating perfectly managed open forests."

Nearer My Dog to Thee



Lightning shattered fir tree 



Both trees served as dramatic reminders of the dangers of lightning. And there were scores of other trees, mostly scattered on the high points and ridges thereabouts, that had obviously been hit.

Nearer My Dog to Thee



 Penny taking a break from mischief



  Another mushroom to enjoya safe bolete



I also found another mushroom growing on a dead aspen stump. Its stalks were a velvety chocolate brown and the caps were a creamy yellowish brown. Although it was a gilled mushroom, it certainly wasn't an amanita. A little study convinced me it was a specimen of Flammulina velutipes, the wild cousin of the commercially grown enoki.

Nearer My Dog to Thee



 Penny the great hunterin her dreams



 Darkness at Noonmore thunder and lightning


Above, in the heavens, as he'd done for countless eons, the mighty hunter Orion was rising in the southern sky to battle his own fierce red-eyed bull, Taurus. While at his feet crouched his two faithful dogs, the constant companions of the chase: Canis Major, the big dog and Canis Minor, the little dog.

Nearer My Dog to Thee




California condorSierra San Pedro Martir



Pedro of the pines



 Septemberaspens turning yellow and gold



It was always good to return to camp, to grab a cold soda or make a mug of tea, then sit among the dry golden pine needles on the forest floor, admiring the yellowing aspens against the blue sky... It was a magical time. And at its magical best, I had no more ambition than just to camp and walk for the rest of my life, to find home and companionship on the spiritual trail, to die with my boots on.

Nearer My Dog to Thee